Andriol Cycles

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Andriol for sale is one of the weakest forms of testosterone out there today, but it is one of the safest as it is the only oral version of testosterone undecanoate available today. Despite its poor reputation, many athletes and bodybuilders continue to use Andriol cycles religiously, claiming that they enjoy the mildness and its synergistic effect with a wide variety of other steroids.

Andriol as Between-Cycle Therapy

One of the most common ways in which people use Andriol is between cycles as a form of PCT. Although this is not for everyone since maintaining a higher-than-normal level of testosterone in your body can cause side effects like irritability and mood swings, it can be helpful for the first week or two post-cycle to prevent what athletes call the “crash”. Because anabolic steroids bind to testosterone receptors during steroid cycles, your body receives what it believes to be a massive dose of testosterone over a period of eight to 16 weeks. When you stop taking it all of a sudden, your body reacts. Thus, testosterone undecanoate, although mild, is a great way to prevent this crash and keep you on your game.

Bulking Cycles

While Andriol certainly has its place in any cycle, it is more common for those who are bulking since testosterone lends to strength and muscle mass. You can try several different bulking cycles depending on what you have on hand. They include:

Short 6-Week Cycle with Anavar and Trenbolone

  • Also add Trenbolone for the last four weeks at a dose of 75mg/day for three days in a row followed by a four-day break. Remember to take Anavar and Trenbolone at different points in the week so that you are always taking one of the three components every single day.
  • Add Anavar for the last four weeks, taking it at a dose of about 50mg for three days in a row followed by a four-day break.
  • Use Andriol for a total of six weeks at a dose of around 240mg per day. Use it for five days, such as Monday through Friday, and then take a break on Saturday and Sunday.

12-Week Cycle with Dianabol and Primobolan

  • Take Andriol for the first eight weeks at a dose of about 240mg per day. Use it for five days and then take a two-day break each week.
  • Add Dianabol for the last eight weeks of the cycle. Take 50mg every other day.
  • Add Primobolan at the very end of the cycle for the last four weeks. Take it for two days, a day off, two more days, a day off, and so on.

Cutting Cycle

Andriol also works well for cutting since it helps maintain proper testosterone levels. One of the most popular is:

8-Week Cycle with Equipoise

  • Take the Andriol for the full eight weeks at a dose of 240mg every other day
  • Take Equipoise for the last two weeks at a dose of about 75mg per day every other day (on days opposite the Andriol).

Although professionals and athletes alike know that there are better, more powerful, and more affordable alternatives out there, Andriol cycles are still quite effective at the right doses if you have some on hand.

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