Andriol Stacks

Andriol StacksAndriol is an oral form of testosterone undecanoate, and while it is relatively mild in comparison to other products like it, Andriol stacks can be very powerful. Some things are absolute requirements when using Andriol, including aromatase inhibitors. Others, such as secondary steroids, are optional but recommended for achieving optimal results.

Aromatase Inhibitors

Although Andriol is not hepatotoxic like most of the other anabolic steroids out there, it readily converts to estrogen in the body. This is problematic, especially in men, since it can lead to a host of undesirable and sometimes even permanent side effects. These include but are not limited to hair loss, testicular atrophy, loss of sex drive, soreness in the breasts, and even gynecomastia, a condition in which men develop female breast tissue. Fortunately, compounds known as aromatase inhibitors prevent this. Arimidex and letrozole are very popular and easy to find on the market today.

Stacks for Cutting

Because testosterone replacement is necessary when using any kind of anabolic steroid, Andriol works well when used with various “cutting” steroids. These compounds help you melt away unwanted fat, both visceral and subcutaneous, in order to enjoy a lean, toned look. Some of the most popular Andriol stacks include:

  • Winstrol – Cycling with Winstrol helps create more pronounced results than Winstrol alone. This means that the Winstrol does most of the work, but the testosterone undecanoate helps it work better.
  • Equipoise – Andriol has lesser effect when stacked with Equipoise, although it does help to prevent the side effects associated with low testosterone syndrome that many anabolic steroids cause.
  • Proviron – Proviron and Andriol stacks are only beneficial for those who are susceptible to the effects of each. One of the best benefits of this particular stack is that there is often no need for aromatase inhibitors since Proviron fills that gap.

Stacks for Bulking

Just like there are Andriol stacks for cutting, there are also stacks for bulking. Once again, Andriol does very little in terms of performance enhancement, but it does provide the testosterone that the body needs during your steroid cycles. Some of the most popular stacks are:

  • Dianabol – Despite the common knowledge that athletes should never combine other oral steroids with Dianabol due to Dianabol’s inherent liver toxicity, Andriol is different since it does not pass through the liver.
  • Trenbolone – Trenbolone is a powerful steroid all by itself, but it does require testosterone maintenance. What’s more, despite Tren’s huge gains, people often complain that it does not provide the same “energy rush” as other steroids. When you choose Andriol and take it at about the same time, you can enjoy that rush all while maintaining your natural testosterone levels.

Of course, if you ask any athlete or bodybuilder what to include in Andriol stacks, he or she will tell you to steer clear of this form of testosterone due to its inherent weakness and expense. To maximize the efficacy of Andriol stacks, you can take your doses with a fatty meal to help improve absorption, allowing you to get the most from your cycles.

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